Embrace your inner wellbeing and natural beauty at Gaia’s salon

Salon at Gaia Spa in Plymouth

With an all-round approach to beauty and wellness, Gaia's salon is focused on making you feel your very best on the outside, all while promoting inner wellbeing.

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Our hair treatments use natural ingredients that support hair health from the inside out.

Hands and feet

Unwind and enjoy therapy for your hands and feet with these carefully thought-out treatments.

How are you doing?

Whether you need to escape those daily stresses or relieve muscle tension, it’s important to prioritise your self-care. Let us guide you with our expert opinion on nurturing wellbeing therapies just for you.

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GAIA Hot Stone Massage

Our GAIA Hot Stone Massage is a soothing experience, soothing aches and pains to help you unwind and feel totally relaxed.

GAIA Mud Cocoon

Enjoy our nourishing GAIA Mud Cocoon targeting your whole body, face and scalp, and emerge feeling awakened.

GAIA Raindrop Therapy

A truly tranquil experience, our GAIA Raindrop Therapy has been developed to offer complete relaxation and peace within.

GAIA Crystal Therapy

The ultimate goal of our GAIA Crystal Therapy is to bring the whole body back to a state of pure unconditional love.